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How to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month.....
*Listed in order of importance
You need to Eat 4 times a day 3-4 hours apart

Why eating 4 times a day helps you lose weight fast...

Eating 4 smaller meals a day gives you a higher metabolism which means... You'll lose
more weight (3 big meals a day slows down your metabolism) and...

Eating 4 times a day keeps you from not getting hungry which  means... You won't
overeat and gain weight.

Before each meal you need to....

Eat at least 2 whole raw fruits and/or vegetables - For example you can eat... 2 carrots,
a head of broccoli & a banana, an apple & orange, or either 4 sticks of celery and...

You're going take 1 scoop of any kind of
whey protein or Soy protein, mix it in 8 ounces
of water, and drink it.

Why doing this helps you lose weight fast...

Your body has to burn a lot of calories (burn lots of FAT) to digest all the
raw fruits &
vegetables you eat and since you're eating them 4 times a day... You're going to lose
weight fast.  

Eating raw fruits & veggies (not cooked or steamed) will help you lose weight fast.
FACT: Farmers feed pigs steamed or cooked veggies to fatten them up because they
know raw veggies will slim them down.

Eating raw fruits & veggies, drinking
whey or soy protein & ice cold water means...
You'll never get hungry, never have any cravings or a big appetite so... You'll eat less
and lose more weight faster.

Raw fruits & veggies remove toxins from your blood and once these toxins are gone...
The enzymes in the raw fruits & veggies liquefy and flush fat out of your body.

Right after you eat your fruits & veggies and drink your protein... Depending on how
hungry you are (based on scale of 1-10 with 1 being satisfied and 10 being real hungry)
you're going to eat 0-300 more calories of anything you want except for high-sugar stuff
like candy, chocolate, ice cream and fast foods so...

If your hunger level is between 1-3 (based on a hunger scale of 1-10)...
eat only 0-150
calories and...

If Your hunger level is between 4-7... Eat only 100-225 calories and...

If Your hunger level is between 8-10...
Eat 200-300 calories

Why doing this helps you lose weight fast...

Eating less will help you lose weight fast but don't Worry about getting hungry

When you eat fruits & veggies and protein before all of your 4 meals... This will make
you feel not that hungry or not hungry at all and...

The reason why you need to stay away from candies like skittles, 3 musketeers, tootsie
rolls, and twix & ice cream and fast foods is because these foods make you hungry and
therefore... make you gain weight faster.

You need to drink 70 ounces of ice cold water everyday

Why drinking ice cold water helps you lose weight faster...

Ice cold water raises your metabolism. The colder the water is - The more weight you'll
lose because...

Your body has to keep burning calories (or keep BURNING fat) to heat the cold water
back up to body temperature and this may be off topic but...

When you drink lots of water plus eat lots of fruits & veggies... You'll
detoxify your body
and detoxing
helps get rid of cellulite and one side effect of detoxing is rapid weight

You need to take some
Green Tea everyday once in the morning & once in the evening

Why taking Green Tea helps you lose weight faster...

If you did nothing (meaning you didn't exercise or diet) and took only
Green Tea -
Studies show you would lose 6 pounds in 10 weeks and 6 pounds in 10 weeks may not
be much but...  

Studies also show when you combine
Green Tea with a fast weight loss plan like this
one... You will lose 37% more weight or 3-7 more pounds.

You don't have to but...... You need to do 20-30 minutes of power
walking right after you
take your morning Green Tea (power walking is when you walk as fast as you can

Why power walking helps you lose weight fast...

When you power walk first thing in the morning your body has no choice but to burn fat
for energy because...

As you sleep... The energy from the food you ate during the day gets used while you're
sleeping for 6-10 hours.
An Example of What You'll Be Doing Everyday To Lose 20 pounds...
At 7:30am (30 minutes before you eat Breakfast)
You're going to wake up and take some Green Tea and then if you want to... You're
going to go for a 20-30 minute power walk and then at...

8:00am (Breakfast)
You're going to eat at least 2 whole raw fruits and/or veggies and you're going to drink
one scoop of whey protein or Soy protein mixed in water and right after that...

Depending on how hungry you are (see the hunger scale again) you're going to eat a
0-300 calorie breakfast. Then about 4 hours later at...

12:00pm (Lunch):
You're going to have 2 more raw fruits and/or veggies, another scoop of whey protein
or Soy protein mixed in water followed by a 0-300 calorie lunch and then around....

3:30pm (Snack):
You're going to have a 0-300 calorie mid-afternoon snack but, before you do... you're
going to eat 2 whole raw fruits and/or veggies plus your 1 scoop of whey protein or Soy
protein mixed in water.  Then around...

6-6:30pm (30 minutes before Dinner)
You're going to take some more Green Tea and 30 minutes after you take your Green
Tea at...

6:30 -7pm: (Dinner)
You're going to eat a 0-300 calorie dinner, but right before dinner you're going to eat
your raw fruits and/or veggies and one scoop of whey protein or Soy protein mixed in
water and...

That's All You Got To Do To Lose 20 lbs. Fast And...

Here's 5 more tips you can use to lose even more weight while
you're on this fast weight loss plan...

Tip #1 Take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with water before each of your 4
meals. Apple Cider vinegar has high levels of potassium, which has an antiseptic
quality to help eliminate fat deposits.

Tip #2
Power walk twice a day instead of once in the morning.

Remember, you don't have to power walk, but power walking once in the morning and
in the evening (right after you have your Green Tea) can help you lose even more

Bonus Power Walking Tip: Power walk up & down hills to build nice lean looking hips,
inner thighs, and butt.

Tip #3
Eat and walk - You'll burn more calories during digestion if you walk for 10 minutes after
you eat each of your 0-300 calorie meals and...

If you do this 4 times a day after all 4 meals... You'll get in 40 minutes of fat-burning easy
and that's not counting if you decide to power walk or not.

Tip #4
List of weight loss foods you should include in your 0-300 calorie meals

Whole grain cereals like Cheerios
Eat Nutrigrain bars if you crave candy
Brown rice and rice noodles
Rye crackers, rice cakes and oatcakes
Fresh Fish like Tuna, Herring, and Salmon
Nuts, almonds, cashews or
More fruits & veggies of course
Almonds, cashews, and pecans
Plain popcorn
Baked chicken
Beef Jerky
Beans and lentils

Tip #5
Read How to lose 5 pounds in 2 days 2 days before Your Wedding, High School Reunion
or Trip To The Beach (or whatever reason you're trying to lose weight fast for) to look
your very best

Frequently Asked Questions?
How much weight will I lose doing all of this?

The Average Weight Loss On This Quick Weight Loss Plan Is 20 pounds In 3 -4 weeks.
I've seen people lose 31 lbs. on this quick weight loss plan and I've seen people lose
only 10 lbs. on this plan.

Usually, the more overweight you are... The more weight you'll lose and... The faster
you'll lose those first 5-10 lbs.

I heard taking whey or soy protein will make me fat - Is that true?

whey protein or Soy protein will not make you fat and as a matter of fact...

Studies show that Soy protein helps with weight management and control during
menopause and here's some good news for men and women...

Studies show that whey protein preserves lean muscle while promoting fat loss

Won't I gain all the weight back I lose?

After you come back from the beach, wedding or reunion showing off your leaner,
lighter, better looking body...

Please promise me you'll go on my free fat loss plan so you can maintain your weight

After you've lost weight following this plan... It'll be okay to treat yourself to stuff like
skittles, 3 musketeers, tootsie rolls, and twix & ice cream and fast foods and a can of
Mountain dew (just don't go too crazy eating this stuff!)

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